3 Tips on Presenting Logos to your Client

Maddy Beard
4 min readApr 15, 2020

Whether you’re working with a mom & pop or a more substantial sized company with several stakeholders, it’s important to put effort into selling your work even after you’ve landed the client. Here are three great ways to do that:

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1. Be “there” to present your work.

Whether it be in person or on a video/screen-share call, it’s so beneficial to present your work to the client and be there to tell the story and answer any questions. In the design world, we hear the phrase “let your work speak for itself” a lot. But in my opinion, presenting your first round of concepts is not the time to do that.

Never just send off a concept deck in an email and write “let me know what you think!”

There are several reasons for this. First, you want to be able to explain why you made the choices you did, why you think it works, and the story the design is telling. Clients rarely read what you write in concept decks, so while it’s important to add language that provides story and context, you shouldn’t assume it’s going to be read. Clients just want to skip through all of that, look at the logo, and form an opinion.

The second reason is exactly that. Most clients’ natural reaction to seeing a logo design is to find things to criticize about it. Not because they’re trying to be difficult! Just because that’s what they think they should do. And the problem with that is that most clients don’t know how to provide feedback that’s helpful. But when you’re there to quickly address concerns and ask specific questions about what they like and don’t like, the feedback tends to be much more clear and objective.

2. Start off your presentation with a reminder of the brand strategy & goals.

While you likely spent the last two weeks tirelessly working on these concepts and thinking about nothing but their brand, your client was doing other things! You always want to do everything you can to get your clients on the same page as you. That…

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