5 Tips for Logo Revisions

Maddy Beard
3 min readApr 15, 2020

A lot of branding projects get stuck in the revision phase because it can be difficult to “break through” with some clients. I know that used to be the case for me in the beginning of my freelance career. Every client is different but I’ve found that these 5 things really help to keep the client happy and the project on track.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

1. How should I present revisions?

Show revisions in context just like you did with the original concepts — with lots of context. Insert the revised logo back into the exact same deck, showing all of the variations and mockups you showed before.

A good tip in general is to treat every round like it’s the final, making it look as amazing as possible.

Even if you just make one tiny tweak, update everything so the client gets a clear picture of how the whole brand identity will look.

2. How do I make sure revisions don’t go on forever?

Try to maintain a little bit of structure with your revision rounds. Be flexible when necessary, but encourage clients to stay on schedule for the benefit of their budget and timeline. Here’s what I mean by structure:

  • Remind the client how many rounds of revisions are included in the scope of work.
  • Start by providing 3 concepts
  • Present them and ask which one they want to move forward with & what feedback they have on that one chosen concept.
  • Complete Round 1 of revisions to that one chosen concept based on their feedback and any discussion you have.
  • If they “don’t like any,” (which will happen from time to time) remind them that another round of concepts will cost extra. This will usually prompt them to choose one of the existing concepts ;)
  • Show them the revised chosen logo and ask for feedback. If they’re stuck on the abstract, ask specific questions “Do you like the colors?” “Do you like the thickness of the typeface?” etc.
  • Take that feedback and make tweaks using Round 2
  • Repeat until they run out of revisions or are happy with the identity
Maddy Beard